To view example resumes, please click on the below job titles. While they may be from industries or job histories unrelated to yours, they do demonstrate my writing style and the level of resume I deliver.

Know that when applying for a position in today’s job market, your resume isn’t typically going directly to a recruiter or hiring manager. A growing number of businesses first filter submissions through an applicant tracking system (ATS). How well your resume is formatted for ATS algorithms (how it reads it) can make all the difference as to whether your called for an interview or not.

What is ATS? It’s a software application that quickly enables the electronic processing of resumes. Upon submitting your resume it’s scanned, analyzed and rearranged into a candidate profile and sorted per the hiring companies criteria.

Why is ATS formatting important? ATS aren’t perfect and are known for missing important information if the formatting doesn’t fall within their parameters. Formatting such as ATS friendly style fonts, bullet points, headers and white space are just a few of the details that matter.

I’m an expert at ATS formatting.

Automotive Clerk/Cashier
Civil Servant
Coast Guard
Floral Designer/Florist
Food Processing Director
Healthcare Professional
High School Instructor/Coordinator
IT Manager/Engineer
New to the Workforce
Sales Executive
Social Media
Satellite-Communications Technician

Ready to Work with Me?

To begin the process, please send me a copy of your resume in either Word or PDF format, or share it with me via Google docs. Following my review of your resume, I’ll respond with questions to help me develop a more thorough and comprehensive version. After I’ve integrated your answers and formatted your resume, I’ll send it to you (in PDF format) for your review and to provide any changes you may have. Once you’re satisfied with how your resume reads and looks, I’ll send the finalized Word doc for your files.

In the event you don’t have a resume you can send, no problem. Contact me and I’ll get us started.

I provide full communication throughout the process, via email and/or phone, and accept secure payments via PayPal or Zelle prior to sending your draft resume.

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