With so much at stake, a well written, captivating annual report can make the difference between reaching your goals for the upcoming year… or not.


The contents of an annual report should be visually compelling, underscore the nonprofit’s commitment to transparency, explain the organization’s mission, progress, and outcomes. And while annual reports document what has been accomplished in the past year, they can also include a vision of what lies ahead. Click here to view an example report.

Annual reports should be designed to:

  • Highlight the organization’s major accomplishments
  • Serve as a valuable fundraising tool to cultivate partnerships with major donors and sponsors
  • Recognize those who have helped the organization to reach its goals
  • Build trust and inspire readers to learn more about the organization’s mission
  • Demonstrate how funds have been used
  • Function as a tool to assess strong and weak points, in turn identify priority areas in need of development
  • Review volunteer roles in order to revise and/or expand upon as necessary

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