Grant writing can be intimidating and challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

Elements of the challenge can be resolved by gaining an informed understanding of the funder’s requirements and submission parameters.
Whether you’re requesting support for a program, project or supplies, each proposal requires tailoring in a way that conveys the compelling reasons why your organization should be awarded the grant. A thorough understanding of the funder’s criteria can provide invaluable insight and assistance with this process.
When determining whether you should apply for a specific grant, consider the following:
  • Is the project/initiative you are proposing in line with your organization’s strategic plan and goals?
  • Is there demonstrable evidence that the proposed initiative fills a need?
  • Do you have sufficient time and the right team to prepare the application and required supplemental materials?
  • Have you secured internal champions or committed community partners to lead the proposed project/initiative?
  • Can your organization be competitive, relative to the number and credentials of other nonprofits?
  • Are your goals for the proposed project aligned with the vision of this funder and their grant opportunity?
  • Have you made contact with an influencer at this foundation and/or received an invitation to apply?
  • If the grant is awarded, are the future reporting requirements achievable?
  • Does the potential gain warrant the costs in time, effort, and funds needed to apply?
Grant seeking is a vital part of a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy; let me guide and assist you with demonstrating that your organization is worth investing in.

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