Donor solicitations are a vital part of a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.
Do your solicitations demonstrate that your organization is worth investing in?


Fundraising letters, also known as appeals, can be geared to either everyday donations or a specific campaign, depending upon an organization’s needs.
Appeals asking for financial support, or an in-kind gift, generally fall into two separate categories: appeals directed to individual donors, couples and/or families who give collectively and corporate appeals which can include local, national, and/or international businesses.
While donation letters are structured similarly for individuals and corporations, there is a notable difference between the two; corporate appeals are generally requests for in-kind donations (non-cash gifts) such as merchandise, services, expertise, or cash equivalents (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds).
Appeals should describe an organization’s mission, clearly outline the bigger challenges faced in attaining its goals, explain how donor support may help, and eventually convince a prospective or present supporter to make a donation.
Everything from understanding your intended audience to how you format your letter can make the difference between reaching your goals for the upcoming year… or not. Let me guide and assist you with demonstrating that your organization is worth investing in..

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